Welcome to Our New Website!

What's the news?

Over the years we haven't been able to fully cater to our many out-of-state customers and those who only visit us for loose leaf tea. We want to give y'all the time and attention that you deserve, and as such we're relaunching our website and social media for The London Tea Merchant.

We're still www.thelondonteamerchant.com, but as that's quite a mouthful (try saying that over the phone) we changed our primary web domain to the much catchier teamerchant.xyz.


You can now access your loyalty rewards at any time by clicking the "Rewards" button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  • You'll get 5 Stars for every $1 that you spend (excludes tax and shipping).
  • You can convert your Stars to an immediate discount at a rate of 100 Stars = $1 off.
  • You can also save up your Stars for potentially bigger discounts, like 10% off your entire sale.
  • We've extended the expiration date of stars to 30 months, giving you more time to spend your points!

This is just the beginning, and we plan on introducing more rewards – including our ever popular free mug – in the very near future.

Recurring Orders

You can now get automatic monthly shipments of your favorite teas! You'll see the option to subscribe before adding the tea to your cart. You'll also enjoy a 5% discount!

Sampler Box

Our most popular request has long been sampler boxes, and we're now able to offer them to you! Our first box lets you build your own sampler, and you get up to 15% off.

We'll offer curated samplers in the near future, such as an Earl Grey box that includes samples of each of our Earl Grey based teas.

Shipping Changes

We now offer free shipping on orders over $59. Shipping on orders under $60 will vary. This applies only to orders in the US.

Special Order Teas

Many folks don't know that you can order discontinued and out-of-season teas through our special order program. To make it easier to order we've integrated it directly into our website – no need to request a quote!*

*That is unless it's a tea that we haven't entered into the system yet. We're working to get them all online over the next few months, until then you'll have to contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.

Coming Soon

Tea 101: We're most excited about our Tea 101 section, which will be a series of articles and videos all about tea! Some of our planned content includes the steps to brew the perfect cup of green tea, the stories behind our house blends, and the best ways to store your tea.

Recipes: Related to Tea 101, we'll post recipes on various tea related food and drinks. Earl Grey Tea Bread? Check. Lapsang infused chicken? Also check. A Naughty Vicar cocktail? You'd better believe that's a check.

International Availability: We're only shipping to the US for the moment, but we plan to offer shipping to Canada in August. More countries, including the UK, Australia, and France, are also in the works!

Gift Card & Loyalty Migration

Due to system limitations, existing gift cards are not able to be used on our new website. We're offering a gift card migration for anyone who wants to use their current card on our new website, and you can learn more through the button below.

Similarly, our loyalty system couldn't be ported over. We managed to transfer some customers, but the majority will need to sign up again. Click the button below to learn more about how we're ensuring that you get the points that you already earned.

Pickup & Delivery

This website does not currently offer the option for pickup or local same-day delivery. It is something that we are looking into, and we may offer it in the future.

For now, you can order items for pickup and delivery on www.thelondontearoom.com.