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Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

The most popular type of tea in Japan, sencha differs from Chinese green teas by being steamed instead of roasted or pan-fired. The steaming process used to halt oxidation lends the tea its umami flavor and gorgeous color. This is an asamushi sencha made from the Yabukita cultivar, yielding what many define as the classical character of lively fresh flavor that represents the original Japanese sencha taste profile.

This tea is only available in the sample and small sizes.

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Tea Information


Organic green tea.



All teas are produced in a facility that handles gluten, tree nuts, and dairy.

Steeping Instructions

Start with 1 tsp of loose tea, then add 1 tsp per 8oz of water. For example, a 16oz teapot will use 3 tsp of loose tea.

Steep for 1 minute using 160ºF (72ºC) water.

Notes & Recommendations

Tasting Notes: Seaweed, umami, sushi, vegetal, kale, smooth, no astringency.

Drinking Recommendation: Hot, no milk or sugar.


  • Organic
  • Orthodox